The 2016 release of Revelation helpdesk is all about making your day to day tasks easier to accomplish. In addition to a number of new features, we’ve enhanced existing ones and wrapped it all up in a great new look and feel.

Home Page

We have added of lot of functionality in the past few releases. The 2016 release brings it all together enabling you to surface ticket data as text, charts, maps, and more. Work tickets, receive alerts, initiate reports, run searches and respond to chats all from one place.

  • The new Navigation Bar is context sensitive so you can get from where you are to where you need to be in one step by right clicking. Drop down menus allow you to easily load the dashboard you need, run the search you want, even log a ticket template from anywhere in the application without having to navigate away.
  • The new Summary Bar combines the previous Open Ticket, Filtering and Multi-Edit functions into a single consistent control and extends their capabilities so you can see tickets that will become at risk or late if left unattended.
  • The Ticket Grid has been updated to be more user friendly. You can still see detailed date and time information but it is now presented using more natural language such as ‘Today’ ‘Yesterday’ ‘Tomorrow’.
  • Additionally you can now group tickets on the fly without having to build a custom view (of course, you can still do a custom view)

Logging a Ticket

  • You can now log a ticket from anywhere without interrupting what you are working on.
  • Multiple or duplicate tickets are easy and, when you’re done, you can continue where you were.
  • You can drag and drop attachments directly into the ticket and preview them in line.

Ticket Details

  • New granular security enables Action Notes to be moved from one ticket to another, You can now split a ticket into two when needed or merge multiple tickets into one. You can also lock down who can edit and delete action notes by Security Level or Team.
  • You can drag and drop attachments directly into an action note and preview them in line and on the ticket details page.

End User Self-Service

  • Self-Service Dashboards and Chat bring exciting new capabilities to your end users.
  • Live Chat allows your end users to contact support staff directly. Your staff can easily convert the chat transcript into a new ticket or add it to an existing one. Internally, you can customize the incoming chat audiovisual alerts.
  • Custom dashboards present current tickets in easy to understand charts & graphs.
  • The individually branded Self-Service Interface provides a personalized experience for your end users and their managers to log new tickets, view dashboards, current tickets and a knowledgebase.
  • A new splash screen helps to guide your end users to these capabilities and dynamically shows them what is available.