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The top eight reasons companies like yours choose Revelation helpdesk.

Provide Multichannel Support

Everything you need to support your end users across multiple channels

Log new tickets via phone, web, chat, email, mobile, Outlook and the calendar

Connect to users and solve issues quickly with Live Chat

Log tickets from the palm of your hand with the mobile interface

Automatic "Email to Ticket" parser can log or update tickets

Quick three-step process when users call on the telephone

Recurring tickets are logged automatically on a schedule

Import content from incoming or outgoing emails into new or existing tickets

Helpdesk on the go

Provide in-the-moment support from the palm of your hand wherever you are

Our mobile interface will enable your agents to respond to customer requests even when they’re away from their desks (at the coffee shop, the airport, or even in their server closet).

High productivity at a low cost

Revelation Helpdesk helps you maintain personalized customer experiences as you grow—without sacrificing quality or increasing costs.

The most expensive license to Revelation costs less than $2.00 per day. On average our customers spend $1.28 per day per license to Revelation helpdesk Prime – less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Wouldn’t you trade one cup of coffee a day for the improved customer satisfaction Revelation helpdesk will bring you?

Improve operational efficiency

Get more done in less time.

Built in contextual menus allow you to jump from where you are to where you need to be in one step. Proactive data surfacing alerts you to the road ahead rather than just reporting on what has occured. TIcket intelligence alerts you to related issues when you log new ones and the shortest time to log a new ticket anywhere will have you shaving time from each task.

Customizable user experience

Make IT Yours

Your colors, your logo, your terms & phrases, your views, your dashboards, your fields, your structure, your data, your helpdesk.

Revelation is a top tier helpdesk application that will adapt to your structure so easily people will think you wrote it yourself.

Improve customer relationships

Improve customer service on every level

Real-time SLA Tracking, automated workflows, and calendar events will keep you on schedule and never late. Communicate directly with end users via chat or email and capture it in a ticket. Provide easy to digest performance dashboards, send timely email alerts, and follow up with automatic satisfaction surveys.

Powerful reporting

Make IT Yours

Knowing what happened is good, knowing what will happen is priceless

More accurate than a weather report, our current time machine chart will show you how many tickets will go late over the rest of the day. Even if things are calm now, Revelation helpdesk will make sure you aren’t caught by surprise like the other guys.

Real time project tracking

Connect on the right channels

Learn how a great agent experience and other attributes of our help desk software have influenced Revelation helpdesk’s move into the visionart section of Gameplan.

  • Built in project tracking
  • Gannt, Donut, Radar, Availability, and Cost v. Effort Charts
  • Integrates with your Dashboard
  • Empowers your project managers
  • Requires no additional effort from your staff - reports intelligently surface project performance data.