Customizable Ticketing System

Features Include

Transparent Feature Set

Want a customizable ticketing system? Revelation offers extensive customization options with our Transparent Feature Set, which means that almost every feature can be enabled or disabled so you only see what you need every day. Our feature set is customizable on the Admin level, the Support Team level, and End User level.



Support Team

Support Team

End User

End User

So, if you only want administrators to view or have access to certain features or want your different support teams to only view and interact with features that are only relevant to their team, you can. Our features can also be customizable by end user, so that your customers have the best user experience.

Product Features Customer Satisfaction

Revelation helpdesk is equipped with Customer Satisfaction surveys and report capabilities. In the main navigation, you can view Customer Satisfaction reports, which can be filtered and adjusted by multiple data points, including, but not limited to, Client Type, Client, Region, Rating levels, Assigned Team/Staff.

Product Features Knowledge Base

Revelation helpdesk has an extensive Knowledge Base that comes as part of the system options. You can choose to enable or disable this feature at any time. If enabled, users will be able to search the Knowledge Base for articles within the Search function, when logging a ticket, or even within an Action Note. Articles found can even be linked to a ticket action.

Product Features Scheduled Events

To assist with automating certain processes that should happen on a regular basis, such as reporting, certain workflows or ticket templates, you can enable the Scheduled Events feature. This feature enables Revelation to generate a new ticket at pre-defined times or on a recurring schedule.

Product Features Contacts

The Contacts feature is a great tool to allow you work seamlessly without leaving the current page you are on to find more information about an end user. The Contacts feature, when enabled, will appear on the right hand side of your screen as a pop-up. From there, you can search for any contact that exists in Revelation along with their pertinent information (e.g. Access level, Email, Phone, Office Address). This feature can be enabled by admins to be viewed by access level or team.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields allows Administrators and Super Administrators to create and edit custom fields to be included when logging or closing a ticket. These custom fields can be searchable and reportable, just like the existing fields.