About Us

Revelation Helpdesk was born out of pure frustration with the existing IT ticketing applications on the market. We found them too limiting and often inefficient, sometimes taking longer to log a ticket than to resolve the issue.

Whether you need an internal ticketing system for your organization, an MSP ticketing system to support your customers, or ticketing for franchise locations or various buildings in a school system, Revelation Helpdesk is the solution for you.

Designed to be flexible enough to work the way you do and nimble enough for quick, efficient ticket lifecycle management, Revelation Helpdesk evolves continuously based on customer feedback and requirements.

Our ticketing solution prides itself on being flexible and reliable – it adapts to your needs and grows with your ticketing requirements, giving you peace of mind to focus on your everyday tasks.

Company Facts

  • Develops and sells browser based help desk software that can be installed locally or used from the cloud
  • Was established in 2001 and is a privately held company.
  • Is headquartered in Westport, CT and conducts all of its operations with in-house full-time employees - we do not outsource.

Product Facts

Revelation helpdesk is available in two editions:

There are no licenses costs for end users – you can support as many people as you need to

Trusted by industries nationwide with a global reach